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About Us

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Building a healthy future for athletes and their communities.

Simpora Foundation is an Okotoks-based, non-profit association committed to building a strong foundation for athletes based on three pillars - sport, health and the community.


From a young age, competition is something we participate in, watch, pay money for and love. Sports clubs bring communities together and in many rural towns when the local teams win, the community also wins. Our society has given athletes a huge leadership position and the opportunity to be role models within our communities.  

Simpora Foundation was founded in 2023 by Roanne & Greg Bodnarchuk, owner-operators of the Best Western Plus Okotoks Inn & Suites. We believe that giving back to the community provides many benefits to an individual’s mental and physical health. Mental fitness and physical health have been observed through the Latin motto “mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body) for centuries.  Studies have shown that actively participating in your community brings a sense of connection, strength and solidarity to the individual.


Simpora Foundation is committed to fundraise through events, provide sponsorship and immerse local (Okotoks and area) athletes into their communities. We believe that athletes have a strong influence on younger athletes. They serve as role models by promoting healthy living, social responsibility, and education. As mentors, they are molding well-rounded individuals to learn the principles of hard work, self-confidence, leadership, resilience and teamwork.

Any organization seeking sponsorship from Simpora Foundation must complete the Sponsorship Request Form below along with a Kindness Report following the volunteering activity.


To allow time to give serious consideration to all proposals, we ask that this information be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance of when sponsorship would be required.

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